Monday, 14 February 2011

The Christmas that was ..................

Not that you would know it - thanks to the deafening silence on this blog for the last six months - but I was a very busy little bee over Christmas 2011.

I baked up a storm and even made edible presents.
Instead of trying to find the time to backtrack and do really fabulous posts about everything I made, I've decided to do a photo journal of the Christmas past .......

Christmas Lemon Meringe Roulade - meringue filled with lemon curd and whipped double cream

Christmas Chocolate Orange Roulade  dark chocolate cake flavoured with orange zest, whipped double cream and candied orange slices

Christmas Tiffin two ways - dark chocolate with shortbread, fruit and nuts and white chocolate with ameretti biscuits, pistachio and sour cherries.

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