Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Latest foodie trend?

I spied this interesting article in the London Evening Standard, which predicts that eclairs are the next big thing after cupcakes and macaroons.

I'm well pleased with this, as I started making eclairs at about the age of 12.  Even before we learned how to make choux pastry in Home Economics [or cookery classes] I was making them at home.  Hailing from darkest Africa, ready made desserts simply weren't around in the 70's or 80's.  You wanted something, you damn well made it!

I love my eclairs with slightly sweetened whipped double cream and topped with good quality melted dark chocolate.  Some of the commercially produced versions feature very sweet butter icing or custard and a gooey coffee or chocolate flavoured glaze.  No thanks!

Interestingly the new trend also emcompasses savoury eclairs.  What a fab idea.  I can immediately think of cream cheese mixed with smoked salmon and capers.  Or ricotta cheese, flecks of sundried tomatoes and fresh basil.  Really, what is an eclair but a fairly bland tubular, or round receptable, in which anything can be placed.  Likewise, anything can be placed on top too, so the possibilities are endless.

Whilst researching pictures for this post, I came across some amazing photos of the Japanese take on eclairs.  The Japanese say "you eat with your eyes" - hence the artistry.

I haven't thought about eclairs or profiteroles [little balls of choux pastry] for the longest time and I feel inspired to get choux making again.

Watch this space!!

Thanks to flickr.com - creative commons

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