Thursday, 25 March 2010

Springy Easter Eggness

Thank goodness Spring is finally co-operating after the longest, coldest winter in living memory!  The crocuses and daffodils which are in full bloom this week really gladden the heart and the eye.

I'm taking a break from my boring lovely job and looking at All Things Easter on the Martha Stewart website.  Something about this site both fascinates and appalls me.  I mean WHO has the time to make all this stuff and why do the Americans seem to make SUCH a big deal about any holiday? For a country that only gets two weeks holiday a year and who are in financial dire straits, they sure seem to have a lot of "me time".   Mmmmm what's that I can taste?  Sour grapes mixed with a dash of envy?  My guests will be lucky if they get some hastily stolen bought daffodils adorning my Easter table.

So back I go to my Easter surfing - escaping into a lalaland of domestic bliss - being transported into a Stepford-wife world via my flatscreen.

We're having family over on Easter Sunday and so far my plans consist of:

  • Lasagna for those with tastebuds / Shepherd's pie [sob!] for my in-laws who will only eat tasteless food
  • Salad and garlic bread
  • Tiramisu - made the proper, pukka Italian way
  • Easter cupcakes or possibly one large cake adorned with mini Creme Eggs and a small gold Lindt bunny

Speaking of escape you MUST check out - this man is not only gorgeous [see his pic on "about" - I think he looks a bit like Will from Will and Grace] but he takes some of the best food porn pics I've ever seen.  His stunningly beautiful site is also doing a Hotel Chocolat Easter Hamper give-way, so get yourself there without further delay.

Back to me........................     National Lottery are you listening?  Over here .... yes, me, I'm the perfect person to win you.  I would never be bored, I'd find plenty of creative things to do with  my time.  I even subscribe to you online and you haven't looked my way for about a year, you haven't even given me a £10 glance.............. shame on you!

Photos courtesy of: - creative commons - erbergcanada, anja2010, annamariahorner


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