Thursday, 24 March 2011

Another Masterchef 2011 rant

You know that channel flicking funk you get into when you've watched your recorded programme on your Sky box and you really should be getting ready for bed and then you begin to flick?  Well, I'd just watched another excellent episode of Boardwalk Empire when I flicked onto Masterchef.  Big mistake - you start to watch 30 seconds and that's it - you are transported into some kind of parallel universe where time speeds up.

Last night I caught Sara [the italian] making a seafood risotto for a "Merlin" wrap party.  First of all the onion was in huge chunks and THEN, she put the raw rice and seafood in at the same time.  WTF?  Surely anyone - let alone an Italian - who has reached the stage of being in the final seven, would know that the seafood would come out like leather?

Anyone else notice that?  Anyone else, who knows anything about food actually watching?

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