Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Prince William has requested a "tiffin" wedding cake at the Royal Reception

Good on Wills - he's allegedly requested something very similar to a Fridge Cake or large Tiffin as one of the cakes at their Royal Buffet. It's rather touching that this was his favourite treat as a child and therefore gets onto the wedding menu.  Maybe this harks back to Famous Five-esque "midnight feasts" at Eton, which, if fiction is to be believed, usually involved condensed milk and biscuits. Some tiffin squares may have been part of the royal "tuck box" that he took back to school with him?

No doubt the media will dine out on the Royal Wedding for weeks afterwards, dissecting the food as much as the fashion. Should be fun!

Read The Guardian article: Pass notes No 2,949: Rich Tea biscuits UK news The Guardian

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girls who like to gorge said...

Ohhh, I know what cake we'll be having to celebrate the royal wedding! Will have to spend the coming weeks trying out recipes to find the perfect one... xxxxxxxxxxx