Thursday, 31 March 2011

Best little Lebanese Cafe in London - Le Comptoir

About a year ago we stumbled upon a great Lebanese Cafe just behind St. Christopher's Place.  I can't abide the crush on Oxford Street but Pixie can't visit London without going to Nike Town at Oxford Circus.  A nightmare at the best of times [although significantly improved now that all the barriers are down and you can cross diagonally - genius!] 

After trolling around Nike Town, drooling over things which I can't afford and which don't fit Pixie, we're generally gasping for coffee but I refuse to do the chains.  One day we were on the way to Uniglo [I insisted we took backstreets] and it was on this journey that we discovered Le Comptoir .  It has the best coffee and cuppacinos I've tasted outside of Italy and also has a decidedly cosmopolitan, bohemian and glamorous feel.   The decor is funky and bright and the tables are very close together, which for someone who is very nosey is a godsend.  Thus far we've sat next to an opera singer, the cutest baby in the world and someone who looked like Tinchy Stryder.  Pixie swore that last visit we were sitting next to an aging TV star but I didn't recognise her.

Thus far we've sampled the espresso, cupacinno, osmilayah nuts, coconut and pistachio squares, chicken tagine with olives and the lamb kibbeh, served with freshly made humous and salad.  All very good and very reasonably priced.  Service is quick and often good looking to!

It's got increasingly popular over the last year.  I like to think of myself as a trend setter but am slightly upset that we can't always be guaranteed a table at peak times.

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