Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Banana and Date Muffins - the best of both worlds

I'm a big fan of TV Burp and lately, when I can't decide on something I go into catch-phrase mode and do a bad impression of Harry Hill.

For instance, I really like banana bread and I really like date loaf.... mmmmmm....... but which one is better?  There's only one way to find out ............... FIGHT!!!!!

Well luckily in this instance I've decided to adopt the more preferable middle way and persuade them to live happily and amicably together.

I use this Banana Date Loaf recipe and either bake it as a loaf or divide the mixture into muffins.

Here are some of my adaptations which I've tried and tested:

  • I add a heaped tsp of cinammon
  • I use dark brown muscavado sugar - which makes the batter a darker colour and imparts a slight treacle flavour
  • I add a generous teaspoon of vanilla essence
  • I chop the banana up into slices and use the beaters to mash them into a goo
  • I love dates, so I use about another half a cup

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