Monday, 1 March 2010

Gotta love the boy

Here I was hoping that the "distaster" label in this blog would be underpopulated but it would appear not.  This weekend I went to visit a friend of mine to see her 16 week old baby for the first time.   I decided to bake my foolproof Raspberry Bakewell Cake  and it turned out just a bit too squidy in the middle. 

I've no idea why.  I did use normal flour instead of gluten free.  I've come to the conclusion that I no longer know how to judge when something is cooked when made with normal flour.  Before you ask - I did insert a skewer into the middle and it came out clean.  I also pressed down with my finger and it sprang back].  It tasted great but wasn't just so.

To change the subject.......... I've just discovered that Jamie Oliver has these "cafes" called Recipease where you can book a session to learn how to cook something and then eat it.  What a fab idea!  I like the idea of learning "knife skills" and how to make fresh pasta.  What a pity that Anthony is allergic to gluten - as that session would be my first choice.  A session would also make a great gift.

Photos courtesy of : - creative commons - recipease search

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