Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Easter that was

Easter cupackes made by my own fair hand.  Vanilla sponge with a choice of lemon or chocolate icing.

I followed this recipe.  They come out rich, moist and yet light.  If you like large cupcakes, then I suggest you double the quantity.  The first time I made them I didn't double up and the mixture made 11 smallish cakes.  I add two heaped teaspoons of lemon curd to the butter cream mixture but obviously it's to taste - better to start out with less and add more.

A closer view of my lemon curd icing:

Couldn't resist a shot of these flowers my sister-in-law gave me:


Brownieville Girl said...

Your cup cakes look delicious.

Love the flowers too!

Melanie Heavenly said...

Thanks! They're a tad rustic as I just iced them with a knife. My mission now is to find some decorating kit that is easy to use and more importantly not too much of a faddle to clean.