Friday, 23 April 2010

In praise of Doves Farm

Since my partner has become increasingly gluten introlerant I've taken to using Doves Gluten-Free flour range in most of my baking and have recently discovered their Gluten-Free pasta -  it's the BEST!

I've tried various brands of gluten-free pasta and most of the time the pieces turn our gloopy, sticky and are lacking in al-dente substance.  My favourite Doves Farm Pasta is the Organic Maize and Rice Pipe Rigata.  You simply wouldn't know it's not the real deal.

The only products I've tried and haven't liked are their gluten-free biscuits.  To me you can't beat home-made biscuits - there is something "strange" about shop bought GF biscuits and I've no idea what causes it.

Doves Farm also have a wonderful treasure trove of recipes, including gluten free recipes to browze here

Tonight I'm going to use Doves Farm Gluten Free White Bread Flour mix to make pizza bases.  I'm convinced they're going to turn out great.  I'll report back............


browniegirl said...

Hi Melanie, just popping in to get aquainted. I shall come again and do a bit of exploring when I have more time. There are so many with gluten allergies. Its always a great find when you discover new GF products. Hope the pizza bases come out fabulously. Have a great weekend. xx

Melanie Heavenly said...

Thanks Browniegirl - pleased to meet you!