Sunday, 25 April 2010

Is it Monday already?

This weekend saw me cooking and baking more than I anticipated.  Friday night I made pizza, yesterday I made lamb curry and today I've made both date and banana loaf AND raspberry bakewell cake to take to the in-laws.

Luckily, I also found time to take advantage of the good weather on Saturday.  After the going to the gym in the morning, I spent the rest off the day lying in the garden in my swimsuit.  I basted myself in SPF 30 and still managed to get a bit of healthy colour.  This went a teensy, weensy way towards making up for the fact that I should have been attending a big family braai [barbecue] in Hillcrest, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.   Thanks once again Mr Volcano!

So, my gluten-free pizza looked great but to be honest it didn't turn out all that.  I think I was a tad optimistic seeing as I've never made any kind of bread or dough in my life.  I thought "how hard can it be?" and just went for it.  The bases turned out rather biscuity - probably because I rolled them out really thin.  Here are the pics..... looks can be deceiving.

There it is  - my American Hot pizza.  With pepperoni, jalapeno peppers and green pepper.  My interpretation of the Pizza Express classic.  I'm determined to persist with making the base and get it perfecto!

Outside my kitchen window the lambs are developing personalities.  This one I call "Clingy No. 51" as it loves nothing better than to be as close to Mum as possible.  Tooooo sweet.


MaryMoh said...

Your pizza looks good to me though. I don't mind the biscuity base. I love thin base.

Brownieville Girl said...

Even if your pizza isn't prefect yet, I bet it's way better than the shop bought ones!

Love the lambs, we have some really cute calves next door:}}

Melanie Heavenly said...

I love calves and cows are one of my favourite animals.

Any chance of some photos?